Scientific Anglers SA Sonar Stillwater Fly Line

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 Sonar-Low Visability Slow Sink Line
For anglers who frequent lakes, ponds, and reservoirs, stealth can be the ultimate ally. Constructed with a clear coating and core, the SONAR Stillwater fly line not only provides much-needed camouflage, but also sinks slowly, allowing anglers to perfect the timing of their retrieves. Stillwater fly fishing may not get all the publicity, but it can be downright amazing with the right line. Luckily, this is it.
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  • Clear line for stealthy presentations
  • Excellent in windy conditions
  • Small diameter for easy casting
  • Sink rate 1.25 – 2.0 ips
  • Monofilament core
  • SA ID – SA SONAR STW WF X S (X = line weight)


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