About us

“I just wanted to say thanks!!! My wife and I stopped by on Saturday and your guys in the shop were more than helpful with info and places to fish. You guys Rock! I’ll be sure to let everyone I know who’s coming your way to stop by, and witness a true western fly shop at its’ finest!” Best, Casey Bird

About Fly Shop 1


In 2001 John Ziegman was approached by North Park fly fishing guru/bamboo rod maker, Jay Edwards, about the possibility of purchasing his fledgling fly shop/pizza shop/used book store, Flies Only Tackle. Ziegman had been providing recreational opportunities on area ranches since 1990. To him, the prospect of a store front on Walden’s Main Street seemed like a logical way to share his passion with a greater number of North Park visitors. Ziegman had long been put-off by many fly shops he had visited over the years. Too often the shops character felt sterile and, far too often, the personnel were pretentious and unfriendly. He vowed to have a fly shop where the staff was friendly and knowledgeable fishermen eager to share their expertise with others. He envisioned a shop that felt more like a rustic fishing cabin, where fishermen could congregate to share stories of their beloved passion, versus a boutique shop that sells Christmas ornaments alongside leaders and tippet. Planning, staffing and remodeling began–North Park Anglers was born.


About Fly Shop 2

Today, seasoned veteran Scott Graham, continues to manage North Parks’ only fly shop according to our vision established more than a decade ago. Our staff is not just occasional fishing enthusiasts’, they are consummate fly fishing and outdoor fanatics who call this area home, year ‘round. They intimately know North Park and eagerly share their knowledge with shop visitors. The original log walls, the display cases handmade from recycled barnwood, and the stove emanating heat on cold fall mornings take one back to a slower time; a time where friends personally gathered around a table to share their fishing stories rather than instantly posting it on their facebook page. We invite you to stop by our shop, grab a free cup of coffee, pull-up a stool at the “liar’s” table, and personally share your stories with others who equally share the passion for fly fishing.

The Shop

The original building was a conglomerate of four, albeit small, structures that were melded together over the last century. This is evident today as one enters the shop. The first room contains the meeting area, fly rods, terminal tackle, gadgets, reading material, and the check-out counter. As you follow course through our store the creak of the old wooden floors will reminds one you have stepped into a true western fly shop. Each room harbors a different feel and inventory selection. The second room displays our clothing offerings while the third room, the most popular and known by all as The Bug Room, harbors our vast fly selection. Moving further back, one enters our fly tying room. Here, fly tying materials, books, and a limited selection of spin casting tackle are on hand as well as fly tying benches where staff continually perfect new recipes. The final room stores our rental gear: waders, boots, rods/reels, and even float tubes are available.

About Fly Shop 3

Here at NPA, we know there are hundreds of different food sources available to trout and, just like us, they don’t want to eat the same thing, every hour, of every day. With this in mind, we regularly carry 750 different patterns encompassing every life cycle of most every bug. In North Park, we have a general rule when choosing flies in pursuit of our huge wild brown trout: “Go big, or stay home.” This rule is evident as we have one of the largest streamer selections in the country. From midges to mayflies, scuds to crayfish, and hoppers to caddis, we’ve got you covered.

Located at the epicenter of North Park, a fly fishermen’s nirvana, our shop is strategically positioned to service fishermen headed in any direction. Anglers heading further North into nearby Wyoming will delight in the convenience of purchasing their needed licenses here in our shop.

About Fly Shop 4

Even though we are only open from April through October, we continually provide a full line of equipment and supplies that meet the demands of the most ardent fly fisherman. From flies, to feathers, to float-tube fins, we stock it. We’re proud to carry products from today’s leading manufactures: Orvis, Scott, Fish Pond, Scientific Anglers, William Joseph, Chota, Costa, Temple Fork, Solitude, Umpqua, Montana Fly, Brush Creek, Stone Creek, Princeton-Tec, and Wind River.

We sincerely thank those loyal NPA customers who make a conscientious decision to purchase their products from us. We will strive to continually provide exceptional customer service and the most innovative and reliable products available.

Whether you need a spool of tippet, a new pair of waders, or just some friendly advice on current conditions, we’re your resource for Northern Colorado. Next time you’re in town, stop by the shop, grab a cup of coffee and tell your latest fish story or pick up some local hot flies, we would be happy to see you. We think you’ll agree with others; North Park Anglers is a true Western fly shop.