Umpqua Feather Merchants RiverGrip PS Ultra Mitten Scissor Forceps

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This cold-weather favorite makes it easy to open and close with numb fingers or gloves. 

It requires no fingers for operation and comes with half-serrated, half smooth jaws.


  • Precision-Tip Jaws
    •    A unique jaw that combines very fine tips for precise work (like pinching barbs on small flies) along with a beefier base that supports the cutting blades and heavier crimping/smashing at the back of the jaws. Front of jaws are smooth for pinching and back is serrated for better grabbing
  • Precision Finger Extension
    •    A valuable addition to all our hemostats, our Precision Finger Extension gives an extra point of contact to help guide your tool with exacting placement and pressure.
  • Double-dipped Handles
    •    As the RiverGrip name implies, handles are double coated for maximum grip and comfort
  • Surgical-grade Japanese Steel
    •    Considered the best available steel for hand-tools, using the best raw materials will help make every cut, crimp and clamp you make on the stream effectively and efficiently
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