Brush Creek Cane 7.5ft 4/5wt

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……bamboo fly rods are just plain fun to fish. They practically force you to slow down your casting stroke if you are casting too fast. A quality bamboo fly rod is more than the sum of its parts, it is an extension of the makers personality and quite often becomes part of the anglers as well. A day fishing a bamboo rod seems to imprint itself in your memory allowing you to recall it at will. Maybe it’s because bamboo forces you to take a breathe, look at your surroundings, and appreciate the fact you are on a trout stream surrounded by beauty fishing a bamboo rod.

From Allen McGee’s fine book: Tying & Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs

 I have similar thoughts like Allen’s above when I’m building my bamboo rods. It’s not a fast process and I’m never in a hurry to complete one. Starting from a raw stick of bamboo it’s split, shaped and glued back together. To the eye bamboo rods are just beautiful.  To cast one is enlightening.  “That’s the feel I’ve been searching for. That’s the wonderful sight of the line forming an oily loop on the forward cast.”

 I hope you enjoy fishing one of my bamboo rods as much as I enjoy making them.

 Frank Drummond

Brush Creek Cane

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